Frequently Asked Questions




1/ Who are we?

Chambers and Partners publish the leading guides to the legal profession. We have a team of over 150 highly qualified full-time researchers who identify and rank the world`s best lawyers and law firms based on in-depth, objective research. We hold award ceremonies to honour outstanding practitioners around the world.
Our website is not sponsored, endorsed, or approved by, or associated with, Best Lawyers publications.

2/ What are Chambers guides?

We identify and rank the world`s best lawyers and law firms. Each guide offers in-depth analysis of the legal market within a specific region (the UK, Europe, Asia, USA, Latin America), whilst the Global guide offers worldwide coverage, ranking lawyers and law firms with leading international practices.

3/ How to search for a firm or lawyer

Lawyers are listed according to country. To find a lawyer or law firm, you must first select a guide from the editorial search page.

Having selected a guide, you can use the drop down menu to select a country, region, or practice area, depending on which guide you are in. From the page you will see a list on the left hand side of the all practice areas in which we have ranked firms or lawyers.

To choose a different section or search another guide, use the drop down menu at the top of the page to select a different location within the same guide, or to switch guides go back to the editorial search page by cilcking the link at the top of the page. Or click HOME in the navigation bar return to the homepage 

The Research Process

1/ How do I get a ranking in a Chambers directory?

The best way to get a ranking in a Chambers guide is to participate in the research process. This means sending a submission and being ready to speak to researchers if they contact you.

2/ Is participating in research free?

Yes, there is no cost associated with participating in the research process. If you receive a ranking in a Chambers guide, you will then have the option of taking out an extended paid-for profile.

3/ Is an interview essential?

No, although you may be approached by a researcher for an interview this will not impact your ranking. We may ask you to clarify some matters on your submission, but the main purpose of an interview is to gather feedback on other firms.

4/ How are interviews conducted?

Anonymity is a fundamental principle of Chambers' research interviews. It’s essential because those being interviewed must feel free to express their views in total privacy. Anonymity requires that all interviews - whether with lawyers, clients or other independent sources - must be conducted one-on-one, with no-one else present.

The integrity and quality of our research is the paramount requirement for the success of our guides. Hence we insist on giving our interviewees the assurance and security of a one-on-one interview.

Submissions & Referee Spreadsheets

1/ What is a submission and what is it used for?

A submission is a document compiled by your firm that provides information on a specific practice area. It contains information regarding the size of the team, key clients and work highlights your firm has been working on over the past 12 months, and is your chance to demonstrate why your firm should be ranked.

Using our submission template, found at will ensure that you are providing us with the information we need, and will allow us to process the information contained in your submission quickly.

2/ What is a referee spreadsheet?

In addition to the factual information provided by your submission, we also ask for a list of up to ten referees (15 in the US and Canada), to be contacted for a short interview about the firm's work in the relevant practice area. Client opinion plays a vital role in a firm's ranking and allows us to learn about what makes your firm stand out in the market.

3/ How can I upload a submission or referee spreadsheet?

In order for us to review your submission, you will have to upload the completed document on our website at You will require a username and password to upload a document.

4/ Where do I get a username and password?

If you do not have login details, please contact Mehri Hudayguliyeva ( who will be able to provide you with a username and password.

5/ How do I know when to submit?

Submission deadlines for each guide are published on the research schedule. The research schedule can be found at

6/ Can I have an extension on the submission deadline?

Any requests for extensions should be discussed with the researcher for that section.

7/ I am nervous about sending confidential information. Will this be protected?

We take confidentiality very seriously. Any information marked as confidential in the submission will not be disclosed in any way. Confidential information can be useful in helping us to determine your firm’s ranking.

8/ Does sending a submission guarantee a ranking?

No, sending a submission is only part of the ranking process. We also take into account the feedback of clients, peers and other independent market sources.

Global Content

1/ Should I send a separate submission for Global and continent-wide sections?

For continent-wide practice areas (as opposed to your country practices) we need separate submissions in addition to the country submissions. Continent-wide submissions should show work which demonstrates your firm's pan-regional capability.

For those practice areas that are also covered at a country level – such as Banking & Finance, Capital Markets, Corporate/M&A, Dispute Resolution, etc - submissions are useful, but optional.

However, for those global-wide practice areas that are not covered at a country level, it is important that we do receive submissions.  Eg Data Protection, Franchising, Gaming & Gambling, Legal Process Outsourcing, Public International Law, International Private Client, etc.

2/ What are Foreign Experts and Foreign Desks?

Foreign Experts and Foreign Desks aim to highlight lawyers and law firms with a particular expertise in a jurisdiction but who are based outside of the jurisdiction. Chambers recognises that legal markets are becoming increasingly international, and aims to reflect this in our rankings.

3/ What are Comparison Tables and how do I update them?

Most countries have a comparison table in the Global Guide and on our website. These tables show at a glance the key facts about a law firm. They provide basic information such as number of lawyers in a country, offices, ranked practice areas and key clients. You can update your comparison table information online by visiting our website at and using the same username and password you use to upload submissions.

4/ What is industry sector information and how is it used?

We have previously identified law firms by practice area and jurisdiction. Now we are adding key industry sectors in which our ranked law firms specialise. This will assist clients in their search for suitable law firms.

Please tell us which industry sectors your firm specialises in. Log in at and use the same username and password you use to upload submissions.


1/ When will I find out if I'm ranked?

If you are included in the Chambers rankings, we will notify you at the end of the corresponding research period. We will also offer you the option of taking out an extended paid-for profile.

2/ I'm ranked. Why isn't my firm ranked?

Firm and individual rankings are distinct. If the feedback we receive focuses on an individual rather than the firm, we may decide to rank the individual as a notable practitioner, rather than ranking the firm.


1/ Where can I find a definition of practice areas?

A definition of the practice areas Chambers covers can be found at

2/ A lawyer has recently left our firm. Who should we tell?

If a ranked lawyer has recently left or joined your firm, please contact Mehri Hudayguliyeva ( who will be able to assist you.

3/ Our firm is merging with another firm. Who should we tell?

If your firm is merging with another firm, please contact Mehri Hudayguliyeva ( who will be able to assist you.

4/ I have a suggestion for a new practice area or to improve the Chambers guides. What should I do?

The sections we currently include are based on what clients tell us is most useful to them. However, we are more than happy to consider suggestions for other practice areas we might wish to cover. We are also interested in any more general feedback you have regarding our research methods.

If your suggestion relates to a specific country or practice area, please contact the relevant editor.

However, if your feedback concerns our research methods or website, please send it to Rieta Ghosh  (

5/ How can I ensure that I receive important e-mail updates from Chambers and Partners?

Please e-mail Mehri Hudayguliyeva ( and ask to be added as a research marketing contact.