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Guerrero Olivos

Santiago de Chile

Guerrero Olivos - Santiago de Chile
  • Av Vitacura 2939
  • Piso 8
  • Las Condes
  • Santiago de Chile
  • Santiago
  • Chile
  • 7550011
  • Managing Partner: Roberto Guerrero V
  • Senior Partners: Roberto Guerrero D, Carlos Olivos, Hernán Felipe Errázuriz, Jorge Delpiano
  • Number of partners: 19
  • Number of other lawyers: 45

THE FIRM: Guerrero Olivos is a leading law firm in Chile with extensive experience in both local and international markets. With more than 30 years of practice and more than 60 lawyers, it is recognised worldwide for its team of experts and as a law firm based on excellence, efficiency, loyalty and integrity. The firm’s clients demand it be a leading advisor on critical and sophisticated transactions of national impact, spanning legal, economic and financial matters. In order to accomplish such demand, the firm established itself as an independent law firm with a formal organisation and a clear business model focused on providing legal services at the highest quality. Guerrero Olivos’ leiv motif to render high quality and custom-made legal services has led it to structure and develop numerous inedited legal structures, financial and debt instruments. It has been praised for its ability to innovate and to act creatively according to its clients needs.

MAIN AREAS OF PRACTICE: In the process of structuring new instruments, the firm actively collaborates and assists governmental institutions in their role of drafting regulation that makes possible the entering into new transactions. Guerrero Olivos and its partners have participated in the drafting and or improvement of relevant legal bodies. In Guerrero Olivos clients find tailored and comprehensive legal services, including a broad range of corporate law-related matters, such as restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, labor and tax law. Also, its high quality service includes capital markets regulation, banking law, project finance and all forms of corporate finance. The firm has built a prominent position in the Chilean market in projects related to energy matters, including electricity, hydrocarbons, water, and waste treatment, including environmental and regulatory advice. Furthermore, Guerrero Olivos enjoys high prestige in litigation and alternate dispute resolution matters, in administrative and public law, sports law, mining law and real estate law, intellectual property, and treatment of technological matters. In Guerrero Olivos its clients find a group of professionals that work with the highest standards and render quality services in order to fulfill their needs and surpass their expectations. To achieve this, the firm recruits outstanding talented lawyers that not only have brilliant skills but also possess an open minded and global legal overview, which enables them to render tailored legal services. The firm’s culture of doing its work in a professional and human environment has impacted the quality of the final result. This is acknowledged by its clients and staff. As a result, it has been ranked by A Great Place to Work becoming a great workplace which translates into superior business performance and a great place to work with.

Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Spanish.