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García Magliona y Cía Abogados

Santiago de Chile

  • La Bolsa 81
  • Piso 6
  • Santiago de Chile
  • Santiago
  • Chile
  • Partners: Esteban García, Claudio Magliona
  • Number of partners: 2
  • Number of associates:  20

THE FIRM: García Magliona provides excellent legal services to both local and multinational companies. The firm’s commitment is to satisfy the legal needs of its clients in a world of growing commercial and legal challenges. The firm’s clients encompass a wide range of enterprises engaged in banking and finance, telecommunications, technology and software, leasing and insurance. The firm’s goal is to build sound and enduring relations that aid its customers in reaching their goals. The firm’s attorneys understand the businesses and objectives of their clients so their legal counsel has a profound commercial orientation. The firm understands that local and multinational companies must comply with exigent directives and standards now required in business. The firm’s team includes prominent attorneys educated at the most prestigious law schools in Chile and abroad. Some have Masters in business, technology law or in other areas of expertise. The firm’s lawyers commonly speak at seminars and conferences and are well-known academics in their areas of specialisation at the best universities in the country. They are continuously publishing articles in prestigious international magazines and authoring books on special subjects. The members of the firm have fluent command of English gained during extended periods of study and practice in English-speaking countries. García Magliona has a network of collaborating law firms in Chile and in the region through which it can offer a global service of exceptional quality that will protect its clients’ interests. The firm’s service to companies who explore the possibility of setting up and beginning operations in Chile and in the region is unique in quality. The firm advises soundly on the regulations for operational start-up and makes recommendations for the most appropriate corporate structure.

Banking, Financing & Project Finance: García Magliona is involved in all types of finance, collateral and security, simple and syndicated loans, derivatives transactions and project finance. The firm represents banks as well as companies on local and international markets.
Bankruptcies, Compositions, Restructurings & Foreclosure: García Magliona counsels lenders and borrowers in bankruptcy, insolvency and judicial procedures and in the foreclosure of mortgages, pledges and other liens assessed on assets located in Chile. The firm has developed significant expertise in restructuring, rescheduling and renegotiating liabilities.
Corporate Law, Joint Ventures, Mergers & Acquisitions: García Magliona provides legal counsel in corporate and contractual matters, including joint venture, merger, acquisition and due diligence processes. The firm advises its clients in the determination of the corresponding corporate structure, including the negotiation of shareholders agreements and preparation of the documents necessary to materialise a joint venture, merger or acquisition.
Real Estate; Transactional & Litigation: García Magliona counsels in the purchase and sale of real estate, subdivisions and mergers of estates, leases, usufructs, commodata, property leasing and mortgage loans, defence in replevin and laesio enormis lawsuits, and claims regarding boundaries, dispossession, expropriation, concessions and permits for public property.
Employment: The firm offers legal services to companies and people in matters such as representation in legal litigation, individual and collective employment contracts, collective bargaining, compensations, benefits, workplace accidents, representation with the Labor Agency and other matters.
Entertainment & the Film Industry: García Magliona represents different players in this dynamic industry. It counsels actors and producers in advertising and production agreements, in the distribution and financing of cinematographic works and other productions.
Litigation & Arbitration: García Magliona defends the interests of its clients in mediation and arbitration, in particular in the filing of court action for civil, contractual, tort liability and complex business litigation. García Magliona represents its clients before the Arbitration Center of the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, the Ordinary Courts of Justice and other arbitration centres.
Intellectual Property, Telecommunications & Technology: García Magliona has a team of experts in the protection of cutting edge technologies and the intellectual and industrial property of its clients. The firm advises important telecommunications companies, software producers and producers of other technologies as well as internet service providers and other enterprises that require protection of their intangible assets like databases. An important area of specialisation in the firm is software licensing, technology contracts, data processing platforms, electronic contracts, data protection, privacy policies, security and IT crime. The firm protects the technological development of its clients in connection with intellectual and industrial property, including copyrights, trademarks, patents, utility models, industrial designs, domain names and other areas. The firm has been successful in establishing franchises, distribution and representation agreements both in national and regional locales. The firm has sound experience in considering technology to be a relevant asset in complex transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, in addition to its corporate and entrepreneurial practice.

LANGUAGES: English and Spanish.

CLIENTS: Local and multinational companies. A complete list is available upon request.